No asbestos • No fridges • No paint • No tyres • No oil • No car batteries • No chemicals • No burning • No large tree roots / logs • No monitors • No plasterboard • No hazardous / corrosive substances • No gas bottles • No mattresses

Inclusion of any of the above could result in a surcharge over and above the quoted rate and in certain cases a fine from the Environment Agency.
  1. Rubbish must not be loaded above the sides of the skip.
  2. The customer undertakes that he has lawfully obtained every necessary authority of licence from the Local Authority which may be required in connection with the use of this skip under this contract.
  3. The customer shall provide adequate warning lights on the skip if it is left on the public highway or wherever else it is likely to cause damage to a property or injury to third parties during the hours of darkness.
    – 3a. The customer shall also ensure the safe loading of the materials into the skip.
  4. If the customer directs a vehicle delivering or collecting the skip to leave the public highway he shall indemnify us in respect of any loss, cost, claims, damages or expenses we may thereby sustain whether as a result of personal injury or as a result of damage to the vehicle itself or to the damage of the customer or third parties.
  5. The customer undertakes, at his sole discretion, to direct the driver where to deposit the skip, for the purpose of which the driver acts as the agent of the customer.
  6. Only box may be ticked by the driver, who will be able to advise on the contents of his load.
  7. The customer will pay the replacement cost on a new for old basis if any skip which is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair whilst under this contract.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed, hire is assumed to be for less than one month.

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